“Cultural code. Secrets of successful groups and organizations” — our opinion and quotes

2 min readMar 29, 2022

Hey! I’m Vlad Savin, and it’s KOTELOV! Today I will share my opinion about the book and pull out the most interesting quotes from there.

The book talks about creating a special atmosphere in the company, where each employee feels safe and not afraid to make mistakes, speak frankly about personal failures and perceives work as a place where he can be sincere.

Interesting points:

“It should be safe to speak” is one of the most important postulates of the book.

“Welcome some fun” — laughter is the most important sign of security and commonality.

“Pick up the garbage” — in one of the companies where I worked many years ago, the CEO took a brush, gathered everyone in the toilet and showed by example how to clean the toilet, that you need to take care of the office like it’s your house, not be afraid to get dirty hands and not wait until the cleaners come in the evening.

“Get rid of the black sheep” is a simple rule of “No jerks” (demotivators, whiners, angry people).

“Everyone makes mistakes” — it is necessary to show as early as possible that everyone makes mistakes. It will be easier for an employee to talk about his failure if he knows that the manager also makes mistakes and doesn’t hide it.

One of my favorite moments is a fun way to determine how long an employee will be with the company. The more references to family and swearing in his correspondence, the longer he will work in the company). This conclusion is made by the author.


It’s a cool book, you should definitely read it.

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