How to understand that it is time to change your personal account?

4 min readMar 31, 2022

Hey! I am Vlad Savin, and this is KOTELOV! Today I will tell you whether it is worth reworking the personal account of an employee or client in your company.

Is it necessary to change?

Any project must be profitable. Therefore, we need to understand whether it is worth redoing the account at all. Here is from what the profitability of the office based on:

- The number of calls to the technical support

Let’s say you have 16,000,000 visits per year. You need to keep track of how many requests are made about the personal account and calculate how much money is spent on consulting clients or employees. If there is only one employee in your office, then of course it is more cost-effective to write detailed instructions to him, rather than develop convenient and understandable interfaces.

- Achievement of the goal

When installing web analytics in personal accounts, we often see that the most used functions are hidden somewhere deep and the user either finds them on his own, feeling great pain and hatred for you, or calls support, where is advised on the phone where to click, or simply leaves and does not return. This affects your income. The longer the client is looking for the functionality he needs, for example, transferring funds, the less you earn.

- Competitors

Compare your account with the ones that your competitors have. The client will choose a service with convenient and understandable interfaces.

How to start calculating profitability?

First of all, put web analytics on the site and look at the initial metrics:

The number of denials (when a person went to the website, spent very little time there and left,that means, he didn’t understand what to do or didn’t get where he wanted to at all);

Look at the most visited pages in the personal account and evaluate their location on the site;

Estimate the number of repeated visits to your personal account;

It would be nice to set user goals and see how often users achieve them.

What does a convenient personal account look like:

Firstly, a convenient personal account is an account built on preliminary analytics.

Secondly, the account should be designed by a designer, not the developer who is told to output the information. We often see personal accounts with one of the main mistakes — the display of all the functions of the account on left panel. Sometimes it seems convenient for a developer to display all the features on the side, since the client will need one click, but this does not work. The client should be given information in portions, from largest to smallest. A great solution is a dashboard. The user immediately sees the main functionality and the last action and can go deeper, where additional functions will be waiting for him:

Conduct pre-project analytics and test the prototypes of the future office on real users and show the result to real users to figure out how quickly and easily they get the information they need and complete the task they came for:


When developing a personal account , it is more important to decide on the technologies on which the interfaces will be written than on the technologies for implementing the backend (server part).

Convenient projects are written in JavaScript — Vue, React or Jquery (if we are talking about the minimum).

Jquery allows you to add interactive forms to the page pointwise, such as searching by the first letters or checking the correctness of entering a phone number, but creating more complex interactive interfaces and scaling them is better with React or Vue.

Leonid Popov, Frontend developer KOTELOV

JavaScript supports interfaces of any complexity — dashboards, kanban boards, roadmaps and other things that make management more convenient and understandable. In addition, JavaScript allows you not to reload the page completely, for example, when you are looking for TVs in an online store and set the filter to 42", then JS interfaces will immediately display TVs with this diagonal without reloading the page and pressing the “Find” button.

Step by step adding kotelov documents

To sum up:

If you see that your personal account is inconvenient for the user and you have a lot of visits, then do not be afraid to redo it. The development will quickly pay off by reducing user support costs and increasing conversions.